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Hi friends! We're a husband + wife duo with a passion for serving our clients with our entire heart. We want to be MORE than just  wedding photographers; we want to be the ones to capture every milestone of your new family!

I'm Cameron- the firey red-head that fuels this passion. It all started over eight years ago when I decided weddings were my cup of tea. But that certainly didn't happen over night. After years of internships in different fields, weddings felt RIGHT. Not just because I LOVE, love, but because it was the stage of life I was experiencing myself. I could actually relate to my couples and vice versa. Now 75+ weddings later, we're continuing to serve our couples the way WE'D want to be served and opening the doors to the NEWBORN COLLECTION. You heard that right.. love us? And don't want to miss those marriage milestones once you start expanding your family? Look no further! Now that we have a firery one year old ourselves, we GET wanting and trusting a photographer to capture those moments to cherish forever!  

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"She is the best ever. such a bubbly personality & cares about detail. she ain't afraid to tell you if your hair is not cooperating and fixes it for you and that's what i love about her. best photographer i've ever worked with hands down."

-Ryan + Anna

"Their ENTHUSIASM and upbeat attitudes make working with them a joy!! the turn around time was quick and we are thrilled we have photos that allow us to feel like we are reliving the day!!"

-Ronnie + Nicole

"She is easily one of the friendliest women I have ever met and i immediately felt comfortable working with her.even during dinner service, they took it upon themselves to offer to add wood to the fire! i literally felt like a model the entire night"

-Clif + Nina

"She was a calming presence and made me feel like the most important person on the planet"

-Chris + Tyler